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 Nicholas Bolton  |  nick@holytapes.com  |  tel: 201.314.9480


Test Subjects, Spencer Radcliffe, Teenage Halloween, Glazer, Shred Flintstone, Noun, Trace Mountains, Skirts, Snakeskin, Shallowhalo, Resounding No, Wished Bone, Peach Bloom Records, State Champion Records, Melody English, Gnawing, Stan Hall, Sink Tapes, Drying Off, Substitute, Free Lunch, Lava Gulls, Knuckle Pups, Joy Cleaner, Ex Wife, Eoin Noonan, Youth Expire, Chimney Creeps, Noir Party, CR and the Nones, Sloth Knoth, E.M. King, Trochee Trochee, Spowder, Cantations, Bad Spy, Alex Green, Split Tongue Crow, Algebra 2, Gabe Chiarello, Fruity Mercury, Mutual Interest, Old Smile, Pebble, Slo Jacks, Chris Kunkel, Cherry Valley, Fanshen, Raul Gonzalez Jr, Dirt Kid, Waxjaw, Locator, Connor Ratliff + Mikey Erg, Harrison Manning, Arch Nem, Writnwood, Disaster Party, Symbol Soup, Maya Lazaro


Nicholas Bolton engineers all projects at Holy Tapes Mastering. Nick started mastering in 2014 to help independent bands enhance and finalize their albums affordably. He’s since worked with hundreds of artists and rebuilt the studio in Jersey City NJ.

Nick is also the Audio / Video Supervisor at NYU Steinhardt Department of Music and Performing Arts where he teaches, designs and engineers audio and video for three performance spaces.

He creates modular synth and tape loop music under the names Arsenic and Raft. Past musical projects include ex wife and Wetwired.


Please send digital mixes to nick@holytapes.com in a zip file.

Ideally, mixes should be at least 24 bit and at the original session’s sample rate.

Please remove all limiting and ensure you have a few dB of headroom. If you have limited versions that were used for mix approval its nice to have those as well for reference.

Please also include any alternate mixes you need mastered.

Contact me to arrange delivery of mixes on physical media.


Mastering rates are based on the total track count of your project.


Projects aren’t complete until artists are completely happy with their masters.
2 - 6        
7 +

DDP Image
Alternate versions

$ 65/song
$ 45/song
$ 40/song

$ 50/album
$ 10/song
Preview files are first sent in a shared folder to receive artist feedback.

Upon approval, final masters are delivered as both 44.1khz / 16 bit and 96khz / 24 bit WAV files for digital release via download link.
Metadata encoding, edits and revisions are included.

Pricing can be flexible, if money’s tight contact me and we'll work something out.
Additional high resolution files are included for alternate versions and DDP if ordered.

Turnaround averages about one week for full length albums, usually less for EPs and singles. If you need masters quicker contact me for rush availability.


Tyler Acoustics MM5X Monitors, HSU VTF-1 Subwoofers, Trinnov ST2 Pro Optimizer, Parasound Halo A23+ Amplifier, Audeze LCD-X Headphones


Lynx Hilo AD/DA Converter, Dangerous Music AD+ Converter, Yamaha KX-1200 Cassette Deck (restored), Mogami Gold Cabling (custom)


Manley Massive Passive EQ, Manley Variable Mu Compressor (mastering version), Rupert Neve Designs Master Buss Processor, Avenson Audio Mid-Side R


Steinberg Wavelab Pro 11, Izotope RX9 Audio Repair Software, Plugins from DMG Audio, FabFilter, Tokyo Dawn Labs, OEK Sound, Tone Projects, Plugin Alliance, Leapwing Audio, Sonnox + more