Holy Tapes! is a mastering studio located in Jersey City, NJ that focuses on enhancing and finalizing your project for release.

The studio features full range monitoring in an acoustically-neutral listening environment and a collection of analog processors to increase clarity, focus and intensity.

Staff- Nicholas Bolton engineers all projects. He is also the Sound + Video Supervisor at NYU Steinhardt Department of Music and Performing Arts, and is obsessed with dogs + modular synthesizers.

Past Projects- Algebra II, Arsenic, Birdspotter, Brick, C Gibbs, Casual, Cat Rickman, Chimney Creeps, Connor Ratliff & Mikey Erg, Dinosaur Eyelids, Earthworm, Electro Crime, Ellisdale, Eoin Noonan, Ex Wife, Full Bliss, Glazer, Gnawing, Harpoon Forever, Harrison Manning, Hollow-Eyed, Human Adult Band, I Love To Hate Records, Joy Cleaner, Knuckle Pups, Leeches, Makeout Vertigo, Melody English, Microwave Death, Mutual Interest, Noun, Peach Bloom Records, Plastic, Pixl-Visionary, Real Good, Resounding No, Secretary Legs, Shred Flintstone, Sink Tapes, Skirts, Snakeskin, Spencer Radcliffe, Spowder, State Champion Records, Suicide Magnets, Sweaty, Teenage Halloween, The Nowhere, Trace Mountains, Trochee Trochee, Waxjaw, Wetwired, Whelmed, Where Is My Spaceship, Wished Bone, Youth Expire

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Photos by Greg Maka