Holy Tapes is a mastering studio located in Jersey City, NJ that focuses on enhancing and finalizing your project for release.

The studio features full range monitoring in an acoustically-neutral listening environment and a collection of analog processors to increase clarity, focus and intensity.

Staff- Nicholas Bolton engineers all projects. He is also the Sound + Video Supervisor at NYU Steinhardt Department of Music and Performing Arts, and is obsessed with dogs + modular synthesizers.

Past Projects- Arsenic, Casual, Ex Wife, Glazer, Gnawing, Harrison Manning, Hollow-Eyed, Human Adult Band, I Love To Hate Records, Joy Cleaner, Knuckle Pups, Leeches, Makeout Vertigo, Noun, Plastic, Pixl-Visionary, Resounding No, Secretary Legs, Shred Flintstone, Skirts, Snakeskin, Spencer Radcliffe, Spowder, State Champion Records, Sweaty, Teenage Halloween, The Nowhere, Trace Mountains, Wetwired, Whelmed, Youth Expire