- Digital Files - any format, up to 192k samples rate, 24 bit via CD or web transfer
- Cassette Tape
- Digital Audio Tape
- Vinyl Records for remastering / noise reduction + restoration processes
- AAF Files for film mixing / noise reduction + restoration processes

Before you send mixes please listen carefully for any unwanted clipping, distortion or sibilance.

Ideally, audio shouldn’t peak above -1dBFS. For best results keep mix bus processing light, please no limiting!

Send digital mixes in a .zip file to avoid possible data corruption. And please include a text file with the exact spelling + punctuation of the band name, album name and each track title. Also include the album order, ISRC codes (if you have them) and any special instructions you have.

Check out my preparation guide for more details.
And please email me with questions.


Mastering is billed at $9 per minute of the recording's length, $100 minimum. This includes mix evaluations prior to mastering and an album preview for your approval. Edits are complimentary.

Masters are delivered as high resolution WAV files (96khz / 24 bit) and CD quality WAV files (44.1khz / 16 bit). These two formats are intended to cover almost all digital streaming and downloading needs. If you’re professionally duplicating CDs I will include a DDP Image as well.

If releasing tapes or records, I highly recommend a separate set of masters. A set of analog-friendly masters costs an additional $50. They are processed and formatted differently, and have a greater dynamic range. 

Let me know if you have any additional formatting needs.

Turnaround times vary based on scheduling but average between one and two weeks. Rush service guarantees a review copy within 3 days for an additional $100.

Payment is required before I start working. But if you're struggling we'll figure something out.

Review copies are sent for approval via custom DDP player.

Once approved I’ll send final masters in the formats you’ve specified via web transfer. Redbook CDs are available for $25 each and cassette masters are $75 each (see below). Shipping costs are additional as well.


Not really.
Over the years I’ve realized I work better alone, on my schedule. I need to take frequent breaks and sometimes it takes a few days of revisiting to get it right.

But if you’re in the area and need to be here I can try to make it work for some part of the session.


I offer on-site master cassette recording for those who are dubbing tapes themselves.

I should mention that from a fidelity standpoint, professional loop bin cassette duplicators sound better than multi-target cassette driven units, but DIY is cheaper and more fun.

So that said, I have a fully restored and maintained high-end cassette deck available for these projects. I process the audio in real time with outboard equipment while recording to tape, and monitor off the record head to optimize the master for cassette. This means a cleaner sounding master and better sounding tapes.

If you’re hurting for money, still contact me and we can work something out.

For info on mixing and mastering, check out these helpful links :)

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