- Digital Files - any format, up to 192k samples rate, 24 bit via CD or web transfer
- Cassette Tape - 2 track, 4 track or 8 track
- Vinyl Records for remastering / noise reduction + restoration processes
- Digital Audio Tape
- AAF Files for film mixing / noise reduction + restoration processes

Before you send mixes, please listen carefully for any clipping, distortion or sibilance.

If mixing in a DAW, set your hardware buffer size as high as possible and make sure audio doesn’t peak above -1dB. For best results keep mix bus processing light.

Please email me with questions.


Mastering is billed at $9 per minute of the recording's length, $75 minimum. This includes a mix evaluation prior to mastering and one revision. Added revisions are $4 per minute of recorded audio, $25 minimum.

Digital-friendly high resolution files (96khz / 24 bit WAV) and DDP images are complimentary. I will also provide 16 bit files for free if needed. Vinyl and cassette friendly masters are an additional $30 each, though often one set of analog-friendly masters will work for both formats. If releasing on iTunes, I also highly recommend a separate digital master for iTunes Plus. This costs an additional $20.

Times vary based on scheduling but average around one week. Rush service guarantees a review copy within 3 days for an additional $75.

Review copies are sent for approval via custom DDP player. Once approved I send the final masters as High Resolution WAV and DDP Image. Redbook CDs are available for $25 each and cassette masters are $75 plus cost of tape. Shipping costs are additional as well.

I offer on-site master cassette recording for those who are dubbing tapes themselves. I process the audio in real time with outboard equipment while recording to tape, and monitor off the record head to optimize the master for cassette. This means a cleaner sounding master and subsequently, better sounding tapes. I have a fully restored and maintained top of the line cassette deck available for these projects. For specifics please contact me!

Returning customers get 10% off.

If you’re hurting for money, still contact me and we can work something out.

For info on mixing and mastering, check out my blog :)