- Digital Files - WAV or AIFF, up to 192khz sample rate / 24 bit via web transfer or CD.

- Cassette Tape

- Vinyl Records for remastering / noise reduction + restoration processes

- AAF Files for film mixing / noise reduction + restoration processes


Album Mastering - $35 per song
($50 per song over 6 minutes)
(Alternate versions are $20 per song)

Singles are $75 per song.

Vinyl and Cassette-Friendly Masters - $50 per album

CD DDP Image - $50 per album

Recorded Cassette Masters - $100 first tape, $50 each additional

Rush Service - $100 per project


Before sending mixes please listen for any unwanted clipping, distortion or sibilance.

Ideally, audio shouldn’t peak above -1dBFS. For best results keep mix bus processing light, please no limiting.

Send digital mixes in a .zip file to avoid possible data corruption.

Also send an email or text file with the following
- Spellings and punctuation of the band name, album name and each track title
- Album order, including side splits for cassette and vinyl release
- Any specific track spacing notes (or a master audio file of the album with spaces)
- ISRC codes if applicable (see links section for metadata and ISRC info)
- Any other special instructions you have


Turnaround times vary based on scheduling but average between one and two weeks. Rush service guarantees master previews within 3 days.

Payment is appreciated in advance but if money’s tight we'll figure something out.

I send previews as 16bit WAV files for approval.

Final masters are delivered as WAV files in both 16bit/44.1khz and 24bit/96khz. Additional high resolution files are included in the download link for analog-friendly masters and DDP Image if ordered.

Let me know if you have any additional formatting needs.

For more info, check out my preparation guide and these links

And email me with any questions.