Holy Tapes mastered my band's debut album. We started out in the punk scene playing basements, and wanted the album to retain that raw energy. We checked out samples from a few other places, but they made everything sound too slick, too compressed. That's why I'm so glad we went with Holy Tapes. When I compare the mastered tracks to the final mix, the improvement is stunning.

Nick gave our music clarity and intensity, and did so while tastefully respecting the boundaries of our music. Holy Tapes gave us the mastering job of our dreams, and I proudly recommend them to every musician I know.

- Norm [ Microwave Death ]
Holy Tapes! mastered my band’s record and did an incredibly speedy but intricate job on top of being incredibly communicative of what the artist wanted! 

- Luke [ Teenage Halloween ]

Nick and Holy Tapes is a great resource for mastering and audio restoration.

It's done quickly and with your requests in mind. I have used Holy Tapes for the mastering of one EP and noise reduction on an earlier project and both came out sounding great and enhanced from the original source material. Very reasonable rates as well.

- Mark [ Trinitron ]